My daughter eats spaghetti morning, noon and night.  I have joked with her that she is going to turn into spaghetti and meatballs.  She was watching TV one day and someone said “You are what you eat”.  Several minutes later she came to me and said “Mama am I spaghetti and meatballs”?  I burst out laughing.  Then wham…it came to me.  That would be an awesome Halloween costume.

I decided to go with yarn for the spaghetti and felt for the meatballs. I went on Etsy and found a similar costume to what I’d been thinking so I bought it. It was handmade also but when it arrived it looked nothing like the photo. I decided to keep the shell of the costume which was a silky off white tube for the body and a silky Amish looking hat (you can easily substitute and off white shirt and off white cap) and I cut off the few pieces if fraying yarn that had been attached. I left the few felt meatballs and purchased a heavier, better quality yarn and hand sewed large clumps of yarn all over the two pieces.

I used a lighter to melt the ends of the yarn to prevent fraying. I then purchased a plastic silver colored fork at the Dollar store and attached it to her head with yarn wrapped around it to look like rolled spaghetti. I purchased the largest container of Parmesan cheese I could find, emptied it and poked 2 holes in it. Using left over yarn I fashioned a “strap” and she wears it across her body and this is her trick or treat bag. I put red pants on her to symbolize the sauce and wallah…spaghetti and meatballs!