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Coolest Homemade Plate of Spaghetti Halloween Costume

This Homemade Plate of Spaghetti Halloween Costume was a fun costume to put together and everyone was bent over laughing when she walked down the street. It also looked just as hilarious from the back as it did from the front as you could not see her head at all. Most items were purchased at the dollar store and cost less than $10 in total.

This is a safe way to make a ‘table’ so the wearer is comfortable and has complete use of their arms.

1 box (not too large, just enough to cover shoulders of the wearer)
Plastic wine glass
Belt/sash (to tie around waist)
Plate (plastic so it can be cut)
Styrofoam balls (for meatballs)
Yarn (3 balls off white for spaghetti)
Red, brown and purple paint
Fork metal (and plastic one to secure it to plate)
Duct Tape
Hot glue gun

In a large plastic bag, toss unrolled yarn with red paint to partially coat with ‘spagheti sauce’.
Make realistic meatballs using Styrofoam balls that have been pounded with meat tenderizer mallet (to turn the shiny, smooth surface into rough and bumpy). Paint with brown paint and let dry as in photo.

Pour purple paint into plastic wine glass, allow to dry overnight, then remove the center portion of the paint (which would never totally dry) with a syringe. Cut a hole in the top of box for head. Cut away and discard 2 opposite sides of box (this will enable the wearer full use of their arms). Slit bottom of box in center (leaving these as flaps to secure snug to the body, see photo).

Attach tablecloth onto box (glue down top, front and back so it does not flap up in the wind).
Cut hole in center and through to the edge of the plastic plate for the head so it can be separated and placed around the neck. Use duct tape to ‘pad’ all sharp edges. Hot glue ‘spaghetti’ and ‘meatballs’ around edges of the plate.

Add metal fork by first securing plastic fork to the plate and using that to hold the metal fork in place. Hot glue ‘spaghetti’ and ‘meatballs’ to the hat (not while on child’s head) see photo, a blender worked well to hold the hat up-right.

To fit box (table) snug and prevent it from tipping forward or backward, make slits in the front and back of the flaps at the bottom and weaving a belt or sash through (see photo).

Have fun, this was such a hit at Halloween that I hope you try and have some fun with it.

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  1. I needed just a plate of spaghetti for a figure skating program. I couldn’t find a plastic plate of spaghetti online that was big enough(only minis). Thanks for the great idea!

  2. I love it!! My daughter has to make a costume for “Italian Day” at school. This will be PERFECT!! We love making costumes, this one is going to be fun.



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