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Coolest Homemade Spaghetti and Meatballs Halloween Couple Costume Idea

Recipe for this homemade Spaghetti and Meatballs Halloween couple costume idea:

– 1 sheet very dense cardboard
– 2 balls of thick, cream-colored yarn
– 1 bottle of red tempera paint
– blue paint for the plate
– burgundy and tan paint for the meatballs
– 8 styrofoam balls
– 1 pair of red and white checkered shorts found on the discount rack
– 1 old T-shirt

1. Using a craft-knife, cut a giant circle out of the cardboard. Cut a smaller waist-sized circle out of the center. You will have one giant “doughnut” for the plate and one small circle for the hat.

2. Paint the large “doughnut” blue and paint small red checkers on the hat.

3. Unroll one ball of yarn and hot-glue it all around the blue circle to look like a heap of spaghetti. Make a small pile of spaghetti on the hat.

4. Squirt the red paint all over the yarn on the doughnut and the hat to look like sauce. Set it aside for several days to dry.

5. Paint the Styrofoam balls with the burgundy and tan paint to look like meatballs. Hot glue one to the hat, keep one aside, and hot glue the rest to the plate.

6. Unroll the second ball of yarn and sew it to the T-shirt. Hot glue the last “meatball” to the shirt.

7. Put it all together adding your sassy self, a pair of heels and a little make-up.

8. Convince your husband to dress up as “Luigi,” the chef and ask him to carry a menu advertising you as the Saturday Night Special.

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