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Coolest Homemade Italian Dinner Costume

This is what you will need to make this Homemade Italian Dinner Costume:

1 sheet of foam core
1 red and white plastic table cloth
1 plastic plate
1 napkin
1 fork, knife, spoon
1 plastic wine glass
red/black paint
fake bread
light weight salt a pepper shake
1 mop head
2 knee high nylons
cotton balls
scissors/ razor blade

Fill a bucket with hat water and about 15-20 tea bags. Let the mop head soak in the water for a day or 2 (depending on the color you want the spagetti). Remove mop, rinse(this will lighten the color). Put a ball about the size of the head you trying to fit on a small mug for balance and drape the wet mop head over the ball to dry for a few days.

On the back of the foam core mark the spot where you want the “plate of spagetti” on the “table”. Trace the bottom on the plate and cut out the foam core circle.

Put the table cloth over the table. Glue around the edges of the foam core. Cut and X where the hole is and fold flaps under and glue on the underside of the foam core.

Cut inner circle of the plastic plate leaving only the rim of the plate. Glue the rim of the plate around the hole in the “table”.

Now set the table. Glue a napkin on the side of the plate. Fork, knife and spoon on the napkin. Bread on the corner of the table. Salt an pepper on the other side and glass of wine (I paint the inside of the glass with red paint to look like wine).

Take the finished table and put it on. Take 2 small strings and attach under the “table” as handles if needed to balance it.

While the mop is still on the ball trim the front part so that it looks like bangs. Take the trimmings and wrap it around the top (where the mop handle would attach) to make knob. Trim a few long strands that aren’t seen and glue those to the plate ridge that is on the table.

Fill the toe of two nude or flesh color panty hose with cotton balls to form meatballs, tie the end and cut. With black paint speckle the meatballs so they look cooked and glue two meatballs on the side of the knob you created in the mop.

Put a black turtle neck and pants on (I recommend a turtle neck because sometimes the plate could be scratchy). Place the “table” over your head, the mop on your head and your a plate of spaghetti and meatballs!

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