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Coolest Spaghetti and Meatballs Plate Halloween Costume

Materials, which may be purchased for 40% off a few weeks before Halloween at some sewing/craft stores (retail prices quoted):

Fabric glue ($10 at sewing/craft store)
Hot glue gun (craft store, about $10)
Plastic snow sledding disk
Two 32 oz. bags of polyfill ($6 each at sewing/craft store)
3 yards ivory colored taffeta, which is 50% nylon, 50% polyester ($6.99/yd)
Maroon colored taffeta
Sponge foam about 24” in length and at least 7 or 8” in depth for 3 meatballs. Preferably yellow foam so you can use some for “parmesan cheese”
Brown spray paint ($1.25)
White spray paint for plastic ($5.00 – can use regular but it will scratch off if scratched)
Belting strap from sewing store (they measure/cut for you–it’s like the nylon straps on strollers)

With kitchen knife, cut hole in middle of disk. Spray paint disk all white.

For meatballs, cut foam into ball. Pick off pieces of foam so the ball has indentations. Keep pieces of foam for Parmesan cheese. Spray paint brown.

Cut ivory taffeta into long pieces, 3.5” in width. Fold over and glue. Turn inside out. Begin stuffing using about a 3” diameter of stuffing (too much will bust the seams). Use a yard-long ruler to gently push to the end.

Glue some stuffing onto strap. Put strap into each of two noodles to rest upon shoulders. Strap should rest on shoulders and stuffing should be above shoulders (should look like a spaghetti noodle so the stuffing should be inside on top).

With kitchen knife, cut four slits into disk, just large enough for straps to push through. Weave straps through disk and tie knot.

Weave noodles around disk and glue in certain spots with hot glue gun.

Place meatballs in between noodles before gluing all noodles together.

Cut hole in maroon taffeta for head. Have child try on noodles on plate. Place maroon piece over child’s head and cut around with scissors to make marinara sauce. Cut over the meatballs, maybe partially covering with marinara.

Glue sponge foam pieces of “Parmesan cheese” on marinara.

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