Young Maleficent Homemade Disney Costume

My kids choose the next year costume as soon as they take off that year costume so I have time to plan, get supplies, etc.

When my 8 year old Isabella went to the Maleficent movie premiere she decide that she wanted to be young maleficent and I had to start all over again, but I love my kids’ happiness.

I always ask them how do they like it to be, as close alike to the one they are seen or one inspired by it, many times my daughter draw and choose the fabrics, this year she let me do it, a vote of confidence as much as a test.

I started looking for photos of DIY, cosplay and obviously watch the movie many times to remember before starting to buy the materials.

I hope you like my version!

  • For the dress I used a green lace with a beige polyester lining and brown tulle, the design is a simple empire style waist line.
  • The horns are made with Styrofoam and paper mache and painted with brown and gold acrylic paint and glued to a plastic brown headband.
  • The wings have a wire skeleton that were for fairy wings, the big feathers are paper, and use little chicken feathers to make it look “more real” as my daughter told me.
  • For accessories, I made the bracelet, foot bracelet and necklace with orange wooden beads and brown twine, and the one young Stefan gave to Maleficent, just because I found a crystal bead that looks like the one used on this necklace, I also made a little leather pouch bag with blue feather attached to the cord used to close it, and another little round drawstring bag.

It was really good to see the final product and that my daughter approved the work. She told me that the best part was that the dress wasn’t brown. So I guess I did it OK.

That’s it, thanks for reading my explanation of this costume and hope it can be used as inspiration.

Have a good day!

Young Maleficent Homemade Disney Costume

Young Maleficent Homemade Disney Costume

Young Maleficent Homemade Disney Costume

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