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Coolest DIY Young Maleficent Costume – Make Heads Turn!

Want a costume that will stand out? Well look no further! My daughter wanted to a young Maleficent costume after watching the movie Maleficent when it came out. All the costumes online were very generic and not what we were looking for. So I decided to brainstorm and put something together for her.

The Wings (Time Consuming)

First I started with the wings. I went and got 4 large cardboard boxes. I wanted them to be sturdy so I glued 2 cardboard boxes together for extra thickness, then drew and cut out each wing. Then I attached each wing to a piece of wood that was about 4 inches long and 2 inches thick. I used elastic that I attached to the wood to make the straps for her shoulders.

For the feathers I went to my local grocery store and asked for a ton of paper bags. Then I cut out each feather one by one. After I cut the feather out I made a fold in the middle to make it more 3D looking. Then cut little slits on the side of the feather. After gluing all the feathers to the wings with hot glue I purchased 2 different shades of brown spray paint. I sprayed the wings in no specific pattern to give it a realistic look. I also sprinkled a little brown glitter on the wings while the paint was still wet so they would get that “magical” feel to them.

The Horns

For the horns I cut about 9 strips of cardboard, started with a long one and each one I cut shorter than the one before. I attached the ends of each strip with hot glue to make a circle. I stacked the circles from bigger to smaller. Also, I stacked them kind of uneven to make them more realistic. I placed hot glue in between each layer that I stacked so they were pretty sturdy. I then took masking tape and completely wrapped the horns. Then I took the brown spray paint and sprayed each horn. After that I took elastic and measured my daughter’s head. I hot glue the ends of the elastic to make a headband. I hot glued the horns to the elastic and put a cardboard circle under where I glued so it was a flat surface against her head.

The Outfit (Easiest)

I purchased some cheap brown fabric from my local craft store. Then I took one of my daughter’s dresses and used it as a pattern. I traced her dress and cut out 2 templates on the brown fabric. Then I used my sewing machine to sew the 2 templates together (leaving openings for her head, arms, and legs). The bottom of the dress I cut kind of jagged to give that rough appearance. Then I took some twine rope that a already had from a previous project and hot glued it around the neck hole.

I also made a pouch with the same brown fabric and made a belt that tied around her waist. For the necklace I bought large wooden beads and painted then yellow. I used that same twine rope and glued each bead onto the twine so they would stay spaced out. And then she just wore her brown boots that she already had in closet.

Young Maleficent Costume Reactions

Her young Maleficent costume was DEFINITELY a hit. EVERYONE loved her costume especially her wings.


young maleficent costume

young maleficent costume

young maleficent costume

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