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150+ Original and Witty Homemade Wordplay Costumes

Show your smarts this Halloween with these brilliantly unique and clever wordplay costumes. Check out this collection here of incredibly witty and fantastically funny homemade costumes.

Get people to stop in their tracks as they figure out your brainy costume. In addition, use the costumes here to inspire your imagination. The possibilities are enormously fun. Even better, constructing a wordplay costume can be fast and cheap.

For instance, take a look at how costumers here pulled off a Freudian slip, a cereal killer and a carpool. More examples include, one night stands, pot heads, spice girls, sand-witches and ceiling fans. Don’t even consider getting a store-bought costume! The potential for homemade costumes in this section is just too awesome.

So, don’t panic if you are stuck without a costume idea. Get inspired by these DIY wordplay costumes. Then, go and create your own for Halloween!

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Butter-Fly Wordplay Costume

Butter-Fly Wordplay Costume

I recently transferred to a different office within my company, so when I heard that my new office was having a Halloween costume contest, I knew I needed to make a great impression! My husband and I do a couple’s costume every year, but since he doesn’t work in my office, I knew my costume had to stand alone. I knew it needed to be original and I wanted it to reflect my creativity and my fun-loving personality. So I decided to be a beautiful “butter fly,” a fly in a stick of butter. So funny! Read more »

Pink Freud – Mens Pun Costume

Pink Freud - Mens Pun Costume

Every year I design my costume to be a historical figure pun. This year, my mother suggested Pink Freud, and I started working out how to best emulate Sigmund Freud with as much pink as possible. To mimic portraits of Freud, I required a few items that were simply unavailable in stores, the most significant of which was an 1800s-style pink three piece suit. Read more »