Coolest Holy Cow Costumes

holy cow! it's two holy cows!!

Okay. For our costumes we decided to be holy cows. We came up with the idea because I tend to say holy cow a lot, so we were like hey! Let’s be holy cows. So we did. We bought white leggings, a white shirt, white wings, a white halo, black fabric paint, and black body … Read more

Coolest Holy Cow Costume

Homemade Holy Cow costume and the cowgirl

I actually got the idea for this costume from this site! I was really excited, as I’d never made my own costume before. I had an old black dress in the back of my closet, so that became the base. I got thick white pants and thin string from goodwill, and some small bells off … Read more

Coolest Holy Cows Couple Costume

Homemade Holy Cows Couple Costume

After being inspired by the costumes on the website we decided that “Holy Cows” were the way to go! We bought scrub bottoms and long sleeve t-shirts as our base and then cut out cow patches in black & white felt. We then added a big pink felt belly and stuck a blown up plastic … Read more

Coolest Homemade Holy Cow Costume

Coolest Homemade Holy Cow Costume Ideas and Photos

I am always looking for new and unique ideas for unusual Halloween costumes. I LOVE Halloween!!! Last year I came across the Holy Cow costume idea whilst Googling. Now, being a person of ample size and girth I thought “how challenging could this be?” So I went out and bought a black long-sleeved tee, sewed … Read more