Holy Cow costume by Karan M., Portland, OR

I am always looking for new and unique ideas for unusual Halloween costumes. I LOVE Halloween!!! Last year I came across the Holy Cow costume idea whilst Googling. Now, being a person of ample size and girth I thought "how challenging could this be?"

So I went out and bought a black long-sleeved tee, sewed on a pink belly, threw my black sweats in the mix, prepared a makeshift "tail" with an old belt that I quickly stitched frayed fabric onto. I made my halo from a bent wire hanger and wrapped it with some silver mylar material.

I made my "cowbell" out of a cough syrup cup that I had painted silver and attached onto a red chord with a real tinker bell inside. My "udders" were fashioned from a latex glove that I attached to the belly.

I then bought some wings at a ridiculously great price. It came together great and boy did I get the laughs all day when folks would figure out what I was. And if they couldn’t, I’d throw my hands up to my cheeks and exclaim "Holy Cow!!!"

Holy Cow Costume

The laughs seemed to never end that day! It was great!!! I had a lot of fun, but then I always do with my unusual Halloween costumes.

Total Spent: $25