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Willow’s Handmade Archangel Costume

Willow, an imaginative 11-year-old, transformed herself into Ariel, the archangel protector of humanity, for Halloween. This elaborate costume was the culmination of two months of careful planning and meticulous craftsmanship.

Crafting the Dress

The centerpiece of the costume was a white dress created without a pattern, guided solely by Willow’s vivid imagination. The dress featured a feathery brown trim interwoven with a string of lights along the hem, complemented by a sheer train with another set of floating lights. A poofy slip added fullness to the skirt portion. To maintain simplicity, the dress was designed to slip over Willow’s head without zippers or buttons.

Other Costume Components

Leather armbands were sewn to the ends of the sleeves and tied around Willow’s arms once the dress was on. The wings were attached to the corset, where another set of lights was draped. A single red light peeked out from beneath a “bloody” bandage covering Willow’s battle-damaged wing.

The helmet, initially a Viking replica with side wings, underwent a transformation. The wings were removed, and in their place, a halo was created, adorned with lights and a feathery trim. A black ostrich feather and a brown pheasant feather were tied together with a strip of leather and embellished with a jeweled cross, adding elegance to the helmet. To ensure the helmet stayed securely on Willow’s head, an elastic tie was sewn in. To conceal the hair tie and elastic band, a strategically wrapped “bloody” wad of gauze cascaded down Willow’s shoulder.

Pennywise’s Head: A Trophy Candy Bucket

Willow’s candy bucket was a unique and terrifying creation – Pennywise’s head. It started as a plastic paint tub with the handle removed, combined with a braided cloth bowl. The rims of the tub and bowl were sewn together, one atop the other. The plastic half served as the bucket’s top, but it required stuffing to form Pennywise’s full, round brain cavity. Additional stuffing was added to his cheeks and chin.

Before attaching the mask, two red lights were secured inside the clown’s eyes, and the battery pack was placed in an accessible position within his cheek. The mask was sewn onto the bucket, creating a bodiless Pennywise. The handle was braided using six strands of paper-coated wire, and its ends were sewn onto the sides of Pennywise’s head and through the bucket. To conceal the handle, a separate red wig, nearly identical in color and texture to the clown’s hair, was sewn around it, with the strands trimmed to match his disheveled hairdo.

Trick-or-Treating Adventures

Willow proudly showcased her creation while trick-or-treating at three different events. The compliments she received were overwhelming, leaving her beaming with pride. Her unique costume even managed to scare some people, especially when she presented her Pennywise candy bucket for filling.

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