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Wildly Wonderful: A Homemade ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ Family Costume

This Halloween, we decided to celebrate our four-month-old baby’s first Halloween by bringing one of our favorite childhood books to life – Maurice Sendak’s beloved classic, “Where the Wild Things Are.” Let the Wild Rumpus begin!

Crafting the Wild Things Masks

To create the Wild Thing masks for Carol and K.W., we started with an extra-large balloon as the base. Using layers of papier-mâché, we built up the structure of the masks. Once dry, we painted the masks with vibrant colors and added styrofoam balls for the eyes. For Carol’s mask, we incorporated a fur blanket from the thrift store, while K.W.’s mask featured a skirt from the thrift store, adding a touch of wild character.

Max’s Wild Transformation

For our baby Max’s costume, we opted for a simpler yet adorable approach. We crafted a crown to resemble Max’s iconic crown from the book. To complete the look, we added a tail and buttons to a winter onesie, transforming our little Max into a Wild Thing cub.

Bringing the Wild Rumpus to Life

While creating the Wild Thing masks required the most effort, the end result was well worth it. Once we put on the completed costumes, the excitement was palpable. We couldn’t have been happier to bring the world of “Where the Wild Things Are” to life for our baby’s first Halloween!

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