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Wild Muppets Animal on an Ostrich Illusion Costume

This is the fun Muppets Animal on an ostrich costume that I made for my husband. It’s always a challenge to come up with new and creative ideas each year.  Often it’s more of a challenge to make the ideas come to life and be functional. But somehow we made it work!

It took a few weeks to create everything. I made the Animal head from paper mache, a hard hat, hot glue, fabric, yarn, felt and lots of love ;)

The body was created using pvc, foam and fabric. The feathers were all fabric that I hand cut to create fringe that were sewn & hot glued to the body by hand.  I created the tail section by hand sewing, several yards of tulle under the fabric to puff it up.  The head was fully sewn & sculpted out of fleece then painted to add detailing. The eyes were painted and inserted. Then faux fur was added to give the head extra detail. The head was then hand sewn to the neck piece. We attached the neck to the body with brackets to make the neck removable for easy transport.  The feet were created over a pair of boots using foam and fleece. Animals “legs” were made using fleece. Animal’s hands, arms, body & neck piece that my husband wore , were sewn out of matching fleece.
This costume was a lot of fun to create for him. We had our ups and downs getting everything just right! But in the end, we were pretty pleased with the results! :)  He received so many wonderful compliments. People were following him around to take pictures and video of him and with him. He enjoyed the evening and put a smile on many faces.   He came in first place in the costume contest at the event we attended!  The crowd cheering him on put him over the top to win.

Wild Muppets Animal on an Ostrich Illusion Costume

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