Toddler Thomas the Train Costume

We went through a lot to create this crafty train costume. It was difficult at first. Then it got to be fun to make. The face was hard. We had to make it a perfect circle to fit on the container. Could never get a perfect circle. So we got two containers and used the bottom for the face.

We used boxes, glue, tape, paint and nuts and bolts. We held boxes together and taped then at a guess of how far apart they should be. Didn’t use no measuring tapes. We painted the box blue and red. Then taped the shapes on it. Best part to the costume was my son getting excited to wear it because it was done. Hardest part was just getting costume done just right and funniest part was doing the face, and trying to see my son walk in it.

It got wowed, surprised, good job reactions. Everybody was stunned to see the costume and how it was made. It was made from recyclables. We spent under $25 to make the costume. Won first prize at a kids party.

Toddler Thomas the Train Costume

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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