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The Ruby Dragon – Women’s Costume

Being a person who often has body image and self esteem issues Halloween is really my favorite holiday! It is the time of year where I can be whatever or whoever I want and I never get that feeling of ew I look hideous!

This costume was supposed to be super easy. Order a dress online and the hardest part is over. But the dress came many sizes too small! I ended up cutting apart the dress and making my own dress out of it! I also added a tulle and fabric train down my back to mimic a tail. I cut apart a pair of “fairy” wings and created my own harness and attached them facing outward to look more like a dragon’s wings. Added some painted layers and some spikes for good measure.

My face was painted using Mehron body paint and spikes handmade from moldable plastic were attached using spirit gum! I always love showing up to our neighborhood trunk or treat event and getting that wow reaction! This costume’s size with the wings and my face paint definitly got me that reaction! I had many wonderful comments and even a couple requests for pictures! I felt like a rockstar!

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