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Cool Dragon Rider Illusion Costume

This is my husband in the “Dragon Rider” costume that I made for him. The head base was shaped from newspaper and masking tape. Then covered with layers of paper mache. When that was dry, the base was hollowed out and the entire dragon head was covered and sculpted with layers of fabric mache. After the fabric mache dried completely, I hand painted it. The dragon’s eyes were made from the globe of a child’s lantern. I took it apart and spray painted yellow and black on the inside of the globe. Then inserted them into the head and sculpted around. His tongue was sculpted, painted and inserted later. The dragon teeth were made from Sculpey clay, baked, painted and hot glued into the jaw before the fabric mache layer was applied.

My husband and I built the dragon’s frame from wire (the head and tail), his body was PVC, foam, fabric, wood, plumbing hardware and brackets. His neck and tail were movable so they would sway and move as he walked. Everything was covered in foam, textured and fabric applied on top.

I built his legs using foam and fabric over a pair of work coveralls and the feet were built with fabric, foam and roofing tape over work boots.

The dragon’s neck chain was handmade with foam and spray painted. A U-bolt was installed in the wire of his neck to attach a bridle to help control his neck while walking.

The wings were also all handmade from PVC and old tent poles. Then covered in a sheer fabric and hand painted. We attached them to the body with movable flag pole mounts. :)

The rider’s fake legs were all hand made with pool noodles, fabric, foam, fur embellished boots and handmade pants. They were sewn and hot glued to the body frame.

My husband’s rider outfit, armor, accessories and cape were made by me, with lots of fabrics and distressed leather. Everything he wore was made on a smaller scale so he appeared shorter.
He had to stop every few steps to pose for pictures. He was a huge hit. Everyone loved it!

Cool Dragon Rider Illusion Costume

Cool Dragon Rider Illusion Costume

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