The Radical Robot Costume. This costume won first place in every costume contest my nephew entered. I’m pretty excited about that. loll. Anyway, finding the right size boxes to fit a 4 year boy old was the tricky part, but I did it! Lol. Other than that, this was a pretty easy costume to make. All you need is two boxes, some dryer hose, metallic spray paint, reflectors and anything else you would want to use to decorate.

I chose some battery operated lights to give it a “mechanical” look. I poked them through the box around the perimeter of the “body.” Then I glued some screw nuts around the lights. Used two CD’s for the middle of the body, then glued some blinking lights in the middle for some more light up effect. The robots eyes were reflectors and to cover the slit in the head I used some red see thru ribbon. All in all I was very pleased on how it turned out.