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The Cutest Little DIY Loki Variant Costume

My six-year-old son loved the Loki series on Netflix – who can resist the God of Mischief? He loved all the variants in the show, but he was most amused when Loki was imprisoned by the Time Variance Authority at the beginning of the series. He always manages to really channel his Halloween costume characters, but he nailed it this year with the Loki scowl and smirk.

I like to create costumes that can eventually be repurposed – the wig was from an old Halloween costume, and I used adhesive-backed vinyl on the logos so the jumpsuit would remain ‘plain’ for future use.

The most difficult part was hand-cutting the vinyl Time Variance Authority (TVA) logos with a craft knife and carefully applying on the front and back of his jumpsuit – needed a very steady hand! And the wig was hard to tame. Perhaps a little too bouffant for Loki, so I had to give him a bit of a man bun in the back. :)

Oh, also had to triple check that the anti-bark collar was off… that was an effective way to ensure my son was quiet when I took these photos. JK – Happy Halloween!

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