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Cool Homemade Loki Costume from Marvel Comics

This is what Thor’s evil brother Loki looked like when we first meet him in Journey into Mystery #85.

I wanted to make a Loki costume but I did not want to use the movie version. So I went old school. 1962

the costume was all made from scratch. This was my 1st time doing a costume using knit material. I do not like sewing knit. I have never done it before so it was a challenge. I used a pattern for the pants and shirt but everything else I made my own patterns for it.

The horns were the biggest challenge. I sewed yellow cotton material for the shape and stuffed it with small fiber fill. I cut up the fill so it would not create a lumpy look. I also took small pieces of PVC pipe and inserted them into the base of the horns for strength. I stuffed the pipe with stiff foam so I had something to put a screw into. That is how the horns are attached. A screw into the foam. So I can remove the horns for storage.

The helmet was made from a small plastic top and the sides are cardboard. I attatched the helt sides with hot glue and some added duct tape inside the helmet. The small spike horns are made from paper filled with hot glue. the tail on the helmet is made from painted kite string.

The gloves I used a streach t-shirt of the same color. I cut the gloves out to fit my small hands. So there was not alot of extra sewing. I used boning to give support to the ends of the gloves and also some elastic over the boning. Otherwise the cut square ends flapped over.

Boot covers were made from poster board covered in material and snapped in the back. The shoe covers are separate and also snapped in the back.

The dragon scales were 1 inch in size and drawn on with a marker.

Hopefully it will be a hit at the next comic con.

Cool Homemade Loki Costume from Marvel Comics

Cool Homemade Loki Costume from Marvel Comics

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