Since my 5 year old daughter loved the Minion movie this last summer, she wanted to be a minion this year. We always love doing family themes like, Arial and Sebastian and Flounder from little mermaids, and the frozen gang, and Dora boots and Swiper, and the Flintstones, so why not a family of Minions with the villain Scarlett Overkill.

I used upholstery foam to make the form of the Minion, them covered with felt. It was hard figuring out how and what to use as the minion bodies and upholstery foam seemed to fit what I wanted to make for the round bodies that was flexible enough to wear and comfortable to walk in. Hot glue doesn’t work to good with foam when it wants to bounce back all the time. Had to stitch some areas for it stay.

I Used mason jar lids for the eyes, and added screen in the inside of the eyes so me and my daughter could see but that it still looked liked eyes. I used felt and made homemade overalls with the Gru Industry logo by printing the logo on transfer paper and ironing it on the front pocket.

I found out that foam does not breath well, and living in Texas it was quite hot in the costumes. I will remember that for next year if I end up making a full body suit may need to add a fan. For Halloween we usually go to an amusement park and get all kind of reactions from people. This year was no different. All the kids were yelling at us from across the park wanting to take pictures with us. If feels amazing to see the kids faces light up.

My daughter was ecstatic that everyone was looking at her, like she was famous and taking pictures with all the kids and even adults.