In the build up to Halloween my local haberdashery shop (in Browns Bay, Auckland, New Zealand) becomes my second home; where I buy decorations and look for a costume. But last year I found  something completely different.

As I was browsing the aisles I saw these two freaky faces peering up from an assortment box sticking out from under a shelf. I couldn’t resist! I picked them up, put one on each shoulder and admired myself in the mirror. Perfect! –a tricephalic costume. :)

Tricephalic 3 Headed Girl Costume Details

  • When I got them home I found an old shirt, stuffed the heads with plastic bags (for they are hollow latex) and sewed them onto the shoulders. A costume in an instant! It was comfortable to wear and easy to put on and take off.
  • I wore them with some zig zag cut ¾ length pants.
  • I applied face paint (including red on my teeth but that washed off quite quickly), and red face paint zig zags around my forearms and lower legs.

I sure turned some heads at the traffic lights when I drove to the party and was definitely a stand out with people asking me about my ‘twins’- asking if I was born like that, and what were their names. “Noodle and Noggin” I said!!