Beautiful Homemade Princess Tiana Costume

Princess Tiana

Every little girl’s dream is to be a princess, on Halloween night, Princess Tiana came to life. Prince Naveen was homemade too but these were the steps taken to make princess Tiana . Supplies: All Fabrics were purchased from netting and tulle purchased from local JoAnns fabric store. 6 yards light yellow crepe back … Read more

Coolest Beauty and the Beast Couple Costume

Belle of the Ball and her Beast Couple Costume

Let’s just start by saying that the reactions our Belle of the Ball and her Beast couple costume got was well worth the energy it took to put them together. We were invited to attend a party around here called the witches ball, we had never been and have only known about it since someone we knew … Read more

Amazing Lumiere Costume (and his Plumette) from Beauty and the Beast

Lumiere Costume (and his Plumette) from Beauty and the Beast

While watching the newest version of Beauty and the Beast this year, I was struck by the characters and their extravagant costumes (or potential for costumes), specifically those whose character transitioned from houseware to human and vice versa. I knew that I had to make one come alive for myself this Halloween. I studied the … Read more

Stunning Toddler Disney Halloween Costume: The Yellow Belle

Stunning DIY Toddler Disney Halloween costume: The Yellow Belle

My favorite princess growing up was Belle! My daughter is now joining me in the love for Beauty and the Beast. I love sewing so I had to make sure I knew what she wanted to be for Halloween before it was October 31st. She had decided in July she wanted to be the yellow Belle. So … Read more

Hilarious Homemade HeiHei Costume from Moana

Hilarious Homemade HeiHei Costume from Moana

This Hilarious HeiHei costume from Moana is one of our family’s favorite movie characters. We work really hard every year to create wonderful lasting memories for our children and our grandchildren.We started taking our entire family to Disney World for their Halloween party 2 years ago when our granddaughters were 3 and 1 years old. … Read more

Adorable Beast Halloween Costume for Baby Boy

Halloween costume for baby boy

My daughter decided she wanted to be Belle for Halloween. She decided this in July. I had already decided her brother was going to be a Roman soldier and I was going to paint abs on his baby belly. She had a different idea. She wanted baby brother to be the Beast. Because my favorite … Read more

Coolest Genie in a Lamp Costume

My Grandson wanted to be a Genie for Halloween. I made a black skirt and put blue lights on it the covered it with fake spider webs to give a smoke look. I sewed on trim to the shirt. I made the vest out of gold fabric. Finally, he was painted all blue!

Cool Disney and Game of Thrones Mash up Costumes

Cool Disney and Game of Thrones Mash up Costumes

My sister and I were planning a trip to Disney for Halloween and we both love Disney, Game of Thrones, and clever wordplay. Starting with Elsa and ‘Winter is Coming,’ we came up with Daenelsa and Jon Snow White. They were a big hit at the Halloween party! Daenelsa started with Elsa’s dress and cape … Read more

Beautiful Handmade Princess Ariel Costume

Beautiful Handmade Princess Ariel Costume

My daughter loves princesses and dressing up to look like them! She wanted to be Ariel with legs! (Lol) Her cousin decided on being Ursula so they could do a theme together! But mostly, she wanted to be the most beautiful version of Ariel! For the dress, we went to our local fabric store and … Read more

Tale as Old as Time – Beauty and the Beast Couple Costume

Tale as Old as Time - Beauty and the Beast Couple Costume

Once Upon a Time, in New England, an artist met a handsome chemical engineer. And, they fell madly in love. Obviously! Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a very good story. After many months of laughter, adventures, and lots of ice cream, Halloween was just around the corner, the artist’s favorite holiday. The handsome engineer had never celebrated … Read more

Let it Go Frozen Pet Costumes

Let it Go Frozen Pet Costumes

The costumes were made by me, Shannon (age 19), my sister, Katelyn (17), and my mom, Beth. We came up with the costume idea when we were shopping and saw the costume section. We saw how cute the costumes were from Disney’s Frozen and decided it would be a perfect theme for our bunch of … Read more

Frozen’s Marshmallow Snow Monster Costume

Frozen's Marshmallow Snow Monster Costume

For Halloween 2015 my 4-year-old little girl wanted to be Elsa from Disney’s “Frozen.” As it is tradition for me to dress-up every year with my kids, I decided to go as “Marshmallow,” Elsa’s snowman bodyguard from the movie. The video below details the creation of the costume, and highlights 2015’s Trick-or-Treat with my kids. I … Read more