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Surreal Starcraft 2 Adjutant Costume

I was looking for an unconventional costume that would challenge my costuming skills and boy did I find one in this Adjutant costume.

  • The majority of this piece (headpiece, chest and back armor and gauntlets) were made from a combination of Worbla and Eva foam.
  • I made my own forehead prosthetic which attached from my forehead to the helmet with foamed gelatin.
  • The skirt was made from a classic hoop skirt adorned with wires.
  • Makeup completed the look.

The reaction to my costume was amazing. People were in absolute awe of it. I’m not bragging; that was literally the reaction. A few times, I inadvertently scared people because they thought I was a statue when I stood still so when I moved, it made them jump!

I absolutely love this costume and hope you do too.

Surreal Starcraft 2 Adjutant Costume

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