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Stairway to Heaven and Highway to Hell Couple Costume

Highway to Hell was a repeat costume for me as I had used it the year before, but this time I transformed it into a couple’s costume by having my boyfriend dress as Stairway to Heaven.  I’ve always been a fan of “pun”ny costumes because it challenges people to think creatively to figure out your costume.  These costumes are also versatile as they can be worn solo or as a pair!

The staircase was a decoration I had for years that I used as a shelf for small trinkets.  My boyfriend dressed in all white and tied a ribbon to the staircase so he could wear it around his neck.  We purchased angel wings and used an old headband and pipe cleaners to make the halo.  Super simple to make and super simple to figure out what the costume was.  Highway to Hell was also easy to make, but people struggled a little more to figure out what I was supposed to be.  One person asked if I was “road rage”, which would also be fitting for this costume.  I bought a plain black dress from Forever21 and used a hot glue gun to attach Hot Wheels cars to a safety pin.  I specifically picked out red convertibles since those were the most devilish.  Initially I used smaller safety pins but the cars were too heavy so I had to upgrade to larger safety pins.  I then cut up yellow and white electrical tape to make the lines on the road.  This was a bit tricky because it restricted the dresses ability to stretch when I put it on, so I had to re-lay some of the lines once I put the dress on.  I safety-pinned the cars to my dress, threw on a pair of devil horns, and viola! Highway to Hell.

Both costumes were incredibly low budget (my dress was $10 and the angel wings were $5) and mostly used supplies or items I already had available.  The best part for me was that the tape and cars could easily be removed from my dress so I could wear it normally.

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