Coolest Highway to Hell and Stairway to Heaven Costumes

My sister and I were going for a rock and roll theme when trying to decide what it was we wanted to dress up as for Halloween. We were thinking Metallica, Kiss, Ozzy, you name we thought about it! Finally we came up with songs instead of groups and this Highway to Hell and Stairway to Heaven Costumes was our idea! Because of our very obvious personality differences, she was the devil and I was the Angel!

For hers we found a cute black outfit, cheap toy cars, yellow duct tape, green fabric paint (for the road signs) and a devils set! It was that easy! Mine took a little more effort! We painted the stairs, clouds and sun on a white t-shirt. I made the halo, feathered wings, and skirt by hand!

We bought cheap stockings, and some ribbon to make our leggings! We used tons of glitter, big eyelashes, and lots of makeup for finishing touches!

With LOTS of glue, a little time, two heads, and a little imagination, we had tons of fun and even won money! Not to mention all of the pictures we had to stop for!!

3 thoughts on “Coolest Highway to Hell and Stairway to Heaven Costumes”

  1. very clever. I might use this, thanks for sharing the creativity. Remember copying is the number one form of flattery.

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