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Stages of Life DIY Family Costume: A Gardener and his Dandelions

My daughters and I went as dandelion flowers at different stages of life (as we all are of course), and my husband was a gardener tending to us (as he DOES of course)! :)

Blow Flower Dandelion Costume

I was a blow flower dandelion – my head piece I created by taking a styrofoam ball and tying it with fishing line to a fabric headband. I then painted them in a chocolate brown acrylic paint. I took skewers and sprayed them white then used white floral tape to add pieces of twine to the end of each one. Once attached I frayed them by hand and used a dab of hot glue on each end to make them spread and press flat. I then pushed the pointed end into the styrofoam ball all around leaving room for my head only. Finally I attached an elastic strap and painted it skin toned for more stability.

Yellow Dandelion Flower Costume

My 3 year old was a yellow dandelion flower – I made her headpiece using a child’s helmet (plastic topping removed). I painted it a dark brown and then added the flower piece I created using foam sheets and felts I also painted to add depth.

Dandelion Bud Costume

My 5 month old was a dandelion bud (my sweet baby bud) – I used the sleeve of a tee shirt as the headband around her forehead and added the bud flower made from painted foam hot glued together and a puff ball that I made using yarn and frayed also by hand.

My necklace and the plants in my husband’s gardening apron were also made from painted foam. The bee bracelet is a stuffed bee that I wore using a hair tie around my wrist. We were the talk of the town everywhere we went. Many people asked to take pictures with us and were so impressed when they learned they were homemade.

My husband and step-Dad (who went to one of the festivals with us) said they always enjoy Halloween cause they love watching people respond to my costumes. My 3 year old won first prize in the children’s on stage costume contest that she entered at one of the festivals. I had people come up to us saying they’d heard about our costumes from the previous place we’d visited even! I was/am very proud of my little flowers – both in costume and out!

The three of us are at different stages of our lives, but we’re all dandelions and we’re family!

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