Coolest Homemade Dandelion Costume

I had great fun making and wearing this Dandelion costume. Here are the crafts I used:

– 80 balloon sticks (you can use more)
– 2 thin, white feather boas
– 1 brown wool beanie cap
– flower foam (1 large circle, 1 small circle, 1
ball cut in half)
– craft glue made for feathers and plastic
– brown spray paint
– a green Dress
– white go-go boots
– sturdy cardboard strips

I started off by cutting the balloon sticks down to about 6-7 inches, then getting the brown spray paint and spraying the tips, going up about 4″ and fading the color as you spray up. While those were drying, I cut 1 1/2 inch strips of the white boa and glued them on the tips (where the balloon would usually go). Once you get the hang of the glue and the feathers, it doesn’t take any time at all to glue.

I then took the flower foam and put the circles together, largest on the bottom. I used toothpicks or a wood skewer through the middle to hold them together. I put the wool beanie cap
over the top of the foam. I had to stuff the tip with cotton balls to make it even out. I also sewed a stiff piece of cardboard in the middle of a piece of wool, against which I had previously measured the circumference of my head. I attached that to the beanie. It gave the head dress a lot of stability.

Now for the fun part which was putting the balloon sticks together. The bottom of these sticks were now dry, as were their white tips which had been glued with feathers. I marked my spots for the sticks, lightly using a marker, in the middle of the beanie, right above the foam line. Once that was finished, I made small incisions where the dots were and inserted the sticks, pressing firmly into the foam. The foam held the sticks well.

Some people thought I was a Vegas show girl, but the majority knew I was a dandelion. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and everyone else!

Dandelion Costume

2 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Dandelion Costume”

  1. you are very creative. i think this rocks, don’t know how you could stand those things on your eyes, i would’ve plucked them right off – he loves me he loves me not – hahahaha YOU ROCK!

  2. This is the coolest costume and so unique! It doesn’t appear to be too difficult. I’m sure whomever wears this will be the hit of the party.


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