Affordable DIY Quail Man and Patty Mayonnaise Couple Halloween Costume

My husband and I decided we wanted to be something different than what we would find at a Haloween store. Se we decided to be Doug Funny’s alter ego Quail man and his crush Patty Mayonnaise, from the television show Doug, one of our favorites when we were young. Both costumes are pretty easy to make.

For Quail man all you need is; khaki shorts, white undershirt, green sweater vest, a belt, a pair of whitey tightys and some red fabric paint. With the fabric paint you draw a big Q in the middle of the sweater vest. You wear the belt around your head. You put the clothes on in the way they would go. However, you put the whitey tightys over your shorts.

For Patty Mayonnaise you need; a blue sweat shirt, a dark blue skirt, a pink tank top, pink fabric paint and a short blonde wig (if you do not have short blonde hair). With the fabric paint you make pink polka dots over the front and the back of the sweat shirt (this will take two days, with an extra day to dry). You put the pink tank top under the sweat shirt and wear the rest of the clothes as you would normally do. Blonde wig over your real hair.

Both characters wear tennis shoes.