Quailman is the Super Hero alter ego of Doug Funny from the Nickelodeon/Disney Channel cartoon, Doug. This Costume was fairly simple to put together and decently cheap.

Items needed for the Quailman Costume: Brown kids belt (to wrap around head as seen in photo), a large dark red towel (used as the cape attached with a safety pin), a green sweater vest, a white T-shirt (to wear under the sweater vest), red colored duct-tape (to make the red “Q”), a pair of whitey tighties (to wear over shorts), a pair of tan shorts, and for shoes, a pair of Black or Maroon Converse Chucks (Not included in Photo because I borrowed them from a friend at the last minute).

All of the items for the Quailman Costume I purchased at Walmart with the exception of the Green Sweater Vest (I got from Boscov’s for like $15) and the Chucks of course which I borrowed from a friend (you can get off brand versions at Payless for cheap). Total Cost of the Quailman Costume was around $25-$30.