For Doug, my boyfriend ordered the green vest off of ebay. It cost about 12 dollars plus shipping. He had the white t-shirt, the shorts, and the white tennis shoes.

For Patty, I found the blue top at Walmart for five dollars. I got the pink felt from Ben Franklin for 25 cents a sheet. I traced the circles using a plastic cup and a marker. I cut each circle out and sowed them onto the actual top. The skirt is also from walmart, it was in the little girls section on sale for three dollars. I already owned the shoes. Finally the wig was a Marilyn Monroe wig that I had and I cut it shorter to make it more like Patty!

For Skeeter, we spray painted a pair of shorts yellow since we couldnt find any yellow pants or shorts. We found the orange shirt at the Goodwill and turned it inside out. We free hand drew the lighting bolt onto Skeeters shirt. Finally we got blue face paint from Walmart and painted our friend blue.

Hope you like our Doug, Patty, and Skeeter Group Costume.