We sat around wondering what we should do as a group…began talking about the best old nicktoons shows of our childhood, and BOOM…Doug. Oh how we loved reminiscing about Doug and Patty’s love affair, but best of all, his daydreams of being Quail Man! So, we started going through shirts, grabbed tons of colors of felt from the fabric store and sewed all morning getting so excited for the evenings re-creation of our friends from Bluffington!

From finding the perfect private school navy pleated skirt for Patty, to grabbing “tighty-whities” large enough to fit over Quailman’s khaki shorts, some parts of the character’s wardrobes were a little tedious, but well worth the while. Shown in the pictures you will see Doug, Patty Mayonnaise, Skeeter Valentine, Judy (Doug’s theatrical sister), Chalkie (the jock), Roger Klotz, and even a pic of our little grey Pork Chop!

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed dressing like our childhood friends for the day.