Sexy Storm Costume

I bought a faux leather catsuit first thing. Easiest way is to buy a Black Widow suit (So I’d heard), but I went with what I felt fit me best and catered to my needs. For example, the suit I bought zips from the front all the way to the back; perfect for emergency bathroom breaks!

Any way, afterwards I bought a belt with decorative steel holes in it. I didn’t want cheesy bedazzled crap like I’d seen on some cos-play storms.

My boots where actually my own and just ended up looking great with the rest of the costume; knee high, high heels, with gems on the buckles (not bedazzle!)

I made the insignia myself using Styrofoam. I used black and painted it silver, but you can buy whatever color you want. I used a cup to trace a circle and then drew the X on the inside. After painting it in with a paint marker (Use Deco or similar, I’m not sure about sharpies), I used an Exacto knife to cut it out. To attach it to my belt, I used a safety pin. So that the safety pin was not seen, I pinned it into the “buckle” backwards. Remember, the goal is to not look TACKY, lol!

I bought the gloves from a Halloween store. I don’t remember what kind of fabric they are.  I had a pair of long latex gloves, but my hands get irritated and uncomfortable if I wear them for too long.

The crystal necklace is not really part of the costume, I wear that everywhere, haha!

I bought white mesh contact lenses online. DO NOT DRIVE OR ATTEMPT TO WALK AROUND ALL DAY WITH THESE! I only wore them when I knew I would be sitting or staying at one place. You are pretty much BLIND with these, lol! I knew that I would have a hard time seeing with these, but they looked better than the plain white contacts that most girls wear when they cos-play storm. The affect is just better looking to me.

For the hair, you can buy a wig for about $13, or do a sew-in weave. What ever tickles your fancy. :)

Everyone loved my costume! It felt awesome to be a recognized character by all. I got a lot of honks, and thumbs up when I was riding my motorcycle with the costume on. I was in San Diego for Halloween day /night with my boyfriend. The weather was gray and cloudy, so people kept saying “No wonder it’s cloudy!” I got a lot of “I love you storm!” yells from passing cars and people. People wanted to take pictures with me. We walked into this bar and the owner of the bar came up to me and said “That’s the best damn costume I’ve seen all day” haha. And a lot of people said that they’ve seen a lot of storms before, and that I was the first one they had seen actually pull it off. Whether that is true or not, it just made me feel good to know that my costume looked great. Oh yeah! There was this creeper who took a video of me while I was walking with my boyfriend and speaking his thoughts out loud too. *cringes*

Anyway, the funniest part was finally having gathered all the items to make up this costume and trying them on together. Typing down the needed items just makes it seem like it was a breeze, but I actually had to go LOOK for this stuff, haha. I started just before mid-year, doing research and figuring out how to possibly make props or figuring out which version of Storm I would be. I couldn’t find the right catsuit for the right price or that had the right texture, or that had the right arm length, etc. (ended up using E-bay.) I bought this beautiful belt that my siblings somehow got their hands on, and they couldn’t remember what they did with it ($15 belt, and it was the last one! -_-), so I had to go find another one, and I refused to buy it for $15 again, so finding a good looking belt for less than $15 took a minute, lmao. And finding gloves took forever too. Don’t even get me started on the insignia belt buckle.

It felt great once it all came together! Felt like an accomplishment. Lame I know, but I was proud of myself, lol!

Sexy Storm Costume

Sexy Storm Costume

Sexy Storm Costume

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