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Sexy No-Sew Gumball Machine Costume


A Strapless LRD (little red dress), two-three large packages of multi-color medium sized pom-poms (about 250-300, depending on size of area to cover), silver duct tape (wide), black fabric (I used scrapbook fabric-paper), scissors, wax paper, stickers (two, five, cent symbol), hot glue gun, hot glue, patience.

How to:

1)  Start with the Pom-Poms as this step takes the longest. Individually hot glue each pom-pom to the dress, varying colors each time. Be sure not to place too many of the same color in one area. Hot glue is the only way to go. I tried a “fabric glue” first, no – just don’t. Hold each Pom-pom in place for five-ten second for the glue to dry. I found it easiest to start from the top and work in horizontal lines to the bottom, following the hemline of the top of the dress. This will take you forever.

2) Now that you have all your Pom-poms glued on, it is starting to look like a costume. Next, make the silver portion of the costume using the wide duct tape. First, I took a piece of wax paper and placed it on a table. Then I started creating the rectangle by taping strips to the wax paper until I had a decent size. Then I cut it into the perfect sized rectangle for my costume. Peel the tape off the paper and hot glue to the dress.

3) Now you need one large circle cut out, one small circle, one medium oval, and one small rectangle strip. Using the black fabric, cut out the shapes in proportion to the area where you will be applying them. The larger circle will be the quarter slot, the smaller circle and long rectangle piece will make the knob (for lack of better word), and the oval will be where the gumballs come out (Not really though). Once all cut out to proportion, hot glue all the pieces on leaving enough room for the “25 cents” stickers to be applied on the top.

4) Apply the two, five, and cent symbol stickers to the tape portion of the dress.

5) Done. Pair with red or silver heels.

I wore this costume to a party at an acquaintance’s home and got lots of compliments. Someone actually said I should have raised the price, so I think if you put $25 it would be a cute idea. I bought the dress from Forever xxi for $26 and all of the other materials at Michael’s using coupons. I wore lots of glitter eye shadow and curled my hair to give it the bubbly girl look :) I think you could also create the same concept using a crop top or bra and a high-waisted skirt.

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