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My First Halloween Costume: Gum Ball Machine

I bought a white shirt, 2 pounds of colorful and glittery pom poms from Amazon, and a red pencil skirt from the thrift store. I hot glued the pom poms to the shirt and added a silver candy dispenser flap (a notecard covered in duct table) with a 25 cent sign on it to the red skirt. I also bought a plain black headband and hot glued pom poms on it for a cute hair accessory. I even went to the dollar store and bought a bag of gumballs to hand out to people!

I got so many great reactions to my costume. One girl even tried eating my shirt! And people couldn’t stop touching me all night saying that I was “so fluffy.” I also won $100 off rent at an apartment complex party. I’m still waiting to hear back to see if I won $40 from my school’s Halloween costume contest! But everyone at school seemed to really like my costume saying that I would win, so we’ll see!

This was my first time making my Halloween costume and after all the great reactions I got, I can’t wait to start thinking of an epic costume to make for next year! Happy Halloween!

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