Sexy Little Mermaid Costume

Halloween is my favorite time of year! I love to get creative with costumes and really wow everyone. Making your own costume makes you unique and not look like the typical “party city” costume. It’s always awkward moment when someone buys the same typical Halloween costume as you and you are in competition on who wore it better. So get creative, be resourceful and use the artistic genes your mama give you!

This year I decided to be a sexy ariel. I got my craft supply together, got creative and made a costume that people would remember


  • Purple Bra
  • Shells
  • Purple glitter paint
  • gems
  • pearl necklace

How to: to make the top I first painted the shells that I bought from a craft store. I then glued them to the bra, I glued safety pins to the shells to pin to the bra and help it stay then I hot glued the shells on. I then decorate the side of the bra with gems and cut a pearl necklace and used it to outline the bottom of the bra


  • Green skirt
  • Tutu

How to: for the tail I use a green skirt I bought online and then safety pinned a bright green tutu to it. I didn’t want a long tail because I was worried about tripping or people stepping on it, this was the perfect soultion, easy to walk in and you can reuse the skirt and tutu

For accessories: I put a starfissh in my hair that I bought at the craft store and glued it to a barrettes. I also wore a pearl bracelet and pearl earrings

Have fun with it and good luck!

Sexy Little Mermaid Costume

Sexy Little Mermaid Costume

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