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Sexy Homemade Alien Invader Costume

Alien costumes are not easy to find. I wanted something that reminded people of the aliens from the movie Alien but maybe was a little more approachable and not so slimy. What I came up with was a combination of the alien from the Alien movies, and the creature from the movie Splice.

The entire suit is made from glued latex sheeting. The main part of the suit itself was made using the pattern from a  ‘ski bunny ‘ Mcalls sewing pattern minus all the frills. I’ve done a lot of sewing but Latex has to be glued so some of the seams were very tricky and required some research on the internet to figure out.  This is actually the 3rd model of the suit, after I had finally mastered the gluing aspect of it. I opted to keep the details to a minimum simply for the fact the the glue is hard to work with and I kind of liked the sleek, smooth look of it.

The head and tail are both infallible. I didn’t know how to make masks and my attempts were pitiful at best so I ended up ordering one from online and disassembling it to make a pattern, customizing it to fit my head specifically. The glued latex is air tight if done properly so the inflation plug from a beach ball worked nicely for filling it and even still tucks in so it doesn’t poke my head. The tail was somewhat difficult because of the curves however once it was attached it worked out even better than I thought. The air in inside holds the tail upright, however gravity always wants it’s say so when moving the tail has the most wonderful, natural looking swagger to it. Even standing, it seems to have a mind of it’s own and gently sways back and forth.

Original design has boots which I covered with the same latex sheeting, however they were difficult to walk/stand in for any period of time and were near impossible to get off once worn. From there I opted for some store bought black boots and added some other black accessories to give it more of a clothed, although somewhat sexified look.

The main suit with mask took just over two months to complete.

Sexy Homemade Alien Invader Costume

Sexy Homemade Alien Invader Costume

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