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Sexy God and Goddess DIY Toga Costumes

I had ordered costumes online for this party, and as luck would have it, they were too small! So I threw these together with a couple of sheets I had for a photo backdrop, a red curtain, some leftover ribbon, and a few Christmas ornaments.

I cut the sheet into a tunic for the Gods toga, sewing the sides and adding the ribbon on the sleeves. I tied the ribbon to some flip-flops and wrapped it up the legs for sandals. The helmet, shield, and sword were purchased from Amazon.

For the Goddess toga, well, not much. I did sew it over the shoulder and at a portion of the waist. I added the ribbon for decoration and accented the shoulder with a Christmas ornament.

My hairpiece was a Christmas ornament as well. I had a cute blingy pair of sandals that I wrapped with ribbon up the leg and tied to the knees.

Both were very see-through, so we had to accommodate.

Not bad for a 2 hour throw together.

He wore his toga dress and a white pair of ladies’ spanks to a Biker Bar Toga Party… lol So much fun.

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