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Sexy and Cool Hamburglar Couple Costume

My husband and I both decided to be the Hamburglar (well he refused to be Ronald McDonald… so two Hamburglars it was!).

We both purchased prison uniforms that would work as the base of the costume.  I bought the big red ties from Amazon (for about $5.00 each) and the hamburger iron on patches from eBay.  The leggings, gloves, cape, masks, hats and the red wig were purchased at a local costume store..  The cape is a vampire cape – so I just cut it to the be the appropriate length I wanted.  Then I bought yellow ribbon from a local craft store and added it with tape to the hat.  I found the vintage McDonald’s french fry bag on eBay.

We won a costume contest and had rave reviews on the creativity on the costumes all night.  Had a blast. It was so much fun that I may actually pull this one out again to wear in a couple years!

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