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Coolest Homemade McDonalds Extra Value Meal Costume

As a family we always create a themed costume every year for the Halloween season, and this year (2009) we chose to do a McDonalds theme. The title of our costume is The Mcdonalds Extra Value Meal with the Bag and Fixings. Our Family always tries to do a couple of parades for the fun of it. All of my sisters and our husbands, and kids get together with our families and try to come up with the best costume.

Let me explain how we set up our Homemade McDonalds Extra Value Meal Costume. Every year we use a wagon as a prop. This year the McDonalds bag will be pulled on the wagon with the salt and pepper packets. My youngest daughter will be the ketchup packet. My oldest daughter will be the Cheeseburger, my husband is the soda and I will be in the french fry costume. I hope you enjoy all of our hard work for the Halloween Contest.

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  1. Hi i love this idea. My family and I started doing something different a couple of years ago, and it was hard to go back to the ordinary store bought costumes… I absolutely love your idea, Keep up the good work.


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