Sexy Circus Ring Master Costume

This sexy circus ring master costume, is super easy and it great because you can piece it together using items that you can totally wear again for everyday occasions. Here’s what you’ll need…

1.) Black glitter top hat (I found a plain hat and used adhesive spray and added loose black glitter to it)

2.) Red lipstick

3.) Black and white striped blazer

4.) Some red and blue cloth to sew on to the blazer’s cuffs and lapels

5.) Gold buttons to attach to the cuffs

6.) Gold chain to attach to the lapels crossing the body

7.) A white tank, or I used a simple cotton sports bra

8.) Red waist belt

9.) Black sequin mini skirt

10.) Some kick ass black booties

11.) And of course to tie it all together, the whip (I found mine at Spencer’s, Hot Topic is also a good place to look)

After Halloween was over, I unstitched all the buttons and red and blue cloth from my blazer and I wear it out all the time now.

Sexy Circus Ring Master Costume

Sexy Circus Ring Master Costume