I made this scary homemade Zipper Face costume last year in hopes of winning some contests. Sadly I was working so I couldn’t win that night but it got great reactions, screams, and best part of all, people to scared to go into the bar. I had more pictures taken than ever. Here is the how to …

1. First things first, you must know if you are allergic to latex because this requires a lot of it.
2. Items required: bottle of liquid latex, red puff paint from Michael’s or any arts and crafts store, plastic sheet protector, toilet paper, a long zipper, fake nails, makeup sponges, paper cup for latex, and blood, lots of blood!!
3. About a few days to a week, it’s always good to practice making the puff paint lines. Get the right sizes and dimensions if you are going to do all the way down your chest. Look at the human muscles online. Mimic the styles. Use the sheet protectors for this. They dry over night and you can peel them off the next day. Speed dry with a hair dryer if you would like.
4. Grab your fake nails of all sizes and place them up to your own and cut and arrange them using nail clippers. Remember to file them as teeth are not perfect.
5. The day of the costume being used, be sure to have plenty of time. This took me 3 hours to place.
6. Latex you zipper in line with your face and features. You can cut the cloth part if you choose otherwise it becomes a little harder if you don’t. Just latex the zipper if you don’t want it flapping around.
7. Latex the chest pieces first, this way you aren’t moving your head as much when you have those pieces on. Use toilet paper and latex to make the “T” form for your bones.
8. Place teeth on with latex and put muscles on (puff paint lines) in right dimensions. You can cut them if they don’t fit right.
9. Blend the zipper to your skin color, if you cut the cloth part and only left the zipper you can leave this part out.

Then place blood!

Well, all in all, this entire project cost me $30. I won 14 contests with it and it was amazing. Talk about a winning Home Costume contest.