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A Scary DIY Waitress Costume

My fictional costume character is referred to as “The Waitress”. I didn’t have to do very much to get this costume together, everything I had was right in my house because I dabble in dressup and costumes all the time, from making my own blood to finding the right kind of shoes to wear. The only thing that wasn’t in my house that I had to buy was the button-down shirt which was originally white, and surprisingly enough, it is a men’s size medium shirt.

I made the fake blood out of maple syrup, Hawaiian Punch powder mix, and Molasses and spread it all over the shirt. I then let the shirt sit for at least a month. That was the hardest part letting those fake blood stains sit in to look realistic.

The best part of this costume I think would have to be the eyes and blood, it just wouldn’t be a great costume without those little fixing. The funniest thing is when I would make  scary faces with the costume, it brings out another side of me I thought I never had. When I showed it to my family they were highly impressed with my work of art and so were my facebook friends.

The thought of the costume has to start from when I was working at a job where I had to be a waitress and dress up in a button down shirt, black bow tie, and black pants. I had my hair in a ponytail with a sparkly white headband and a bang that sat just above my right eye. One day before I was heading to work, I was watching Nightmare on Elm Street 4 and looking at myself in the mirror in my waitress uniform and it got me thinking of an evil waitress as evil as Freddy Krueger. But I had to think of how to make a reason for her becoming evil, then it came to me “Death by tragedy!” She could have had an accidental death that would make her want to come back for revenge, but then I thought that would be more like Freddy Krueger. So then I thought of a person that could raise her from the dead, like some one that loved her so much that they would not want her death to be swept under the rug. Now, that would want her to get revenge!

That’s when I thought who could love a person no more than a mother loves her child, so I thought why not let it be the mother that brings the waitress back from the dead as an evil unstoppable demon. So that’s basically how this fictional costume character was born.

I have yet to see this costume win because this is the first time bringing this character to life.  I did however win a costume contest three Halloweens ago as Pennywise from the classical movie IT by Stephen King.

The Scareiest Waitress Costume every made for women

The Scareiest Waitress Costume every made for women

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