I had seen this scary Cereal Killer costume done before on a much smaller scale so I decided to take it to a new level!

I started by using corn flakes, bran flakes, rice krispie and country store muesli.  Each piece of cereal was painstakingly and individually glued on all around the whole white background.  Then I got mini packets of cereal and sliced a slit on each box and made little knives from cardboard with tin foil edges for the blade.  The boxes where then glued all over the costume and blood was splattered all over.

My face make-up, I found on a you tube video, took a few practice runs, but got there in the end.  My hair was back combed to within an inch of its life!  I got bobby pins and glued a piece of cornflake to the end of each pin and stuck them randomly all around the hair.

This was my first time doing fancy dress and I loved every second of it, roll on this year!