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Coolest Homemade Cereal Killer Costume

I liked the idea of a “cereal killer” and wanted to make it cute so I looked online and saw that fake blood along with mini cereal boxes seemed to be the way to go.

-I bought fake blood and a fake machette at the local party store
-plastic knives
-an assortment of mini cereal boxes
-white t-shirt
-cut up tights
-red shorts

I hot glued the cereal boxes to my white shirt, poured fake blood all over the boxes and the shirt. Then I hot glued pieces of cereal from the holes in the cereal boxes. I was sure to put the knives through the hearts on the cheerios boxes and wrote “un-lucky” on the “lucky charms”. To complete the Homemade Cereal Killer Costume I stuck the fake machette through a “life” cereal box and added more blood. Complete.

This costume was a big hit.

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