Coolest Homemade Robin Hood Costume

My four-year-old son LOVES Robin Hood so I decided to make him a costume as there were none available to purchase (and the only options all looked like Peter Pan!).

This is a MINIMAL/no sew costume!! Although I did buy the hat, I made the rest in a snap (and I don’t sew – I used the handy quick-sew thing that costs $10!) I also went for the Errol Flynn era look with the cape.

The top of the costume is brown pseudo-suede; I just cut the jagged bottom and v-neck and added those rivets to lace a leather tie. I used the same rivets to make the belt – which was a wide brown leather look-alike – again with the leather string through the rivets to make it rugged looking and more like Robin would have dressed.

The cape was forest green fake suede with a rope that I just wove in and out of holes – no sewing! I bought a clearance girls blouse because it had puffy sleeves and cut it to fit under the brown tunic.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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