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Resident Evil’ Carlos Oliver and Jill Valentine Couple Costume

After much convincing and much begging, I finally got the husband to become involved in the whole Cosplay process. I personally have been dressing up in anything and everything since I could walk, so this was no exception. We both love the Resident Evil franchises, so who better to go as than Jill Valentine and Carlos Olivera?

Costume sourcing comes naturally to me, I work in a big thrift store, and source all the items from there and also my local K-mart. Anything else came from online. With costume hunting, it’s really about being in the right place at the right time, and being patient. Sometimes the perfect piece is hard to find, so if you want the costume for a specific event, then make sure you allow plenty of time!

Jill Valentine Costume – Blue strapless tube top leather skirt, black leather boots, all sourced from thrift stores. Name badge, gun holster and toy guns purchased from Ebay.

Carlos – Black shirt from thrift store, black cargo pants from K-mart, helmet, patches swat vest, guns and holsters from eBay, boots already owned, Balaclava from cheap $2 variety store.

This outfit was so much fun to put together, and we were like celebrities while wearing it. We honestly could not walk more than 1 meter, without being stopped for photos, hugs and so on. We are also part of a massive Resident Evil.Umbrella corporation Cosplay group, here in Australia.

I have worn this outfit about 3 times now, once as normal Jill Valentine and the other as Zombie Jill Valentine.

What they say is true, the more you give, the more you receive, and Cosplay is no exception. The more effort you put into it, the more fun you will have. Anyway, have a look, see what you think, and hopefully we will win a prize.

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