Coolest Homemade Executioner from Resident Evil Halloween Costume

Hi my name is Thomas V. and I created the homemade Executioner from Resident Evil Halloween costume (from the movie Resident Evil Afterlife).

I’ll Start with his weapon. The axe which is made up of two pieces of foam. I cut and shaped them. One side looks like a sledge hammer and the other side looks like an axe. Then I glued them together and glued it on a pole. I then spray-painted them. The hammer side I painted black and the axe side I painted silver. Then I wrapped a chain around it. The mask and butcher’s apron were simple. I bought fabric from Joanns Fabric Store and my mother sewed the mask and apron using the fabric I had bought.

The shirt was store bought. It was a thermal shirt. What I did was I took real nails and put them through the shirt and held them in place with velcro. So the nails don’t fall out and it looks like I have nails coming out of my shirt. On the back of my shirt I’ve placed two rail nails coming out in the back of my shirt. I held them together with duct tape and I have three meat hooks coming out of my back. I duct taped them to my back as well. I toped everything off with fake blood.

Homemade Executioner from Resident Evil Halloween Costume