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Quick and Easy Voodoo Doll Costume

I couldn’t decide what to be one year and wanted to do something easy. I pulled this quick and easy Voodoo Doll costume together the week of a party and it freaked a lot of people out. I think not being able to see your face makes for a creepier costume. All you need is some old clothes, pillow case, gloves, a red heart, wig and some metal knitting needles.

I bought a cream pillow case. I placed it on inside out and marked with a pen where to cut eye holes, this way the pen didn’t show if I didn’t cut straight. I cut large eye holes, large enough to have a bit of peripheral vision. I sewed in 2-3 layers of black tulle, enough to cover my eyes but able me to see. I did the same thing for the mouth but left the bottom half of the tulle un-sewn. This allowed me to eat and drink.

I bought a cream shirt and used twine to tie around the wrists. I had a fake barb wire rubber necklace that I put around my neck to make it look sewn to the ‘body’ of the doll. I took some leftover red fabric, folded it over & cut a fairly large heart out. This made both sides of the heart the same size, I recommend cutting one size, then cut a size slightly larger to allow for sewing. I placed a piece of Styrofoam in the center of the heart and sewed the two hearts together.  I then safety pinned the heart to the shirt, you could also sew the heart to the shirt. Don’t place the knitting needles through the heart until you have the shirt on. I made this mistake and my needle was pointing to far down & fell out.

For the bottom I had old cream khaki’s and tied twine around my ankles. I wore socks so to look more doll-like. I put an old wig from a previous costume on & stuck the knitting needles through the wig.

I wore cream colored gloves on my hands. This made the costume somewhat hot, but really gave more of a doll effect.

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