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Awesome Homemade Voodoo Doll Costume

My daughter had been winning her contests at school and wanted to again for the third year in a row. So I knew I had to come up with something good, and for some reason a Voodoo doll costume came to mind. So I researched it online to see what they really looked like. Found a few that I liked and went to Wal- Mart.

I bought some cream colored material and made her a hood out of it. Cut the eyes out of it and hot glued some mesh material to it so she could see, and painted the mouth on. I took an old wig I had and made a ponytail out of it and cut it off and hot glued it to the top for the hair.

For her clothes I just used cream colored pants and a turtle neck shirt. I cut a heart shape out of some plaid material and glued it where the heart would be. I then glue some foam pieces to her hood and shirt, and cut some large knitting needles and stuck them through the foam. She wore gloves to.

I also put Velcro on her sleeves at her wrists and put some peat moss there so it would look like she was stuffed. Wrapped some rope around her and there you have it.

If you can’t find the right color of material, buy white and use tea bags to get it the right color! Works great and you get a great looking color out of it. She won first place again! She loved it.

Voodoo Doll Costume

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  1. wow that is realy creapy i would be freaked out alittle if that landed on my doorstep :) then agin it would fit in with all my outher ones….
    (evil witch cackle)


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