I wanted to create a princess mermaid costume which fit my body type and was also flattering and made me feel like a sexy mermaid princess! Unlike the store bought costumes I wanted to have a unique costume that no one else had! I did buy the shell bra, but I glue-gunned some rhinestones and glued it to a strapless bra to avoid any accident :) I also attached some fishnets to the bra to cover the stomach area.

I used a higwaisted goldish skirt and pinned fabric to bottom to create a fin look. I added more fishnet to the skirt and pinned a pearl necklace and added sea shells onto the skirt. To accessorize, I ordered a seaweed boa, pearl necklace and diamond headband.

Overall it fit like a glove and it was not too revealing for me. And still, I felt sexy with class in my princess mermaid costume!